Meditation in Red

Lee Woodman 2014

Installation for Canopy Design in Lucas House, Nelson, NZ


Meditation in Red 2014

An installation in a new space for Canopy Design


chiharu shiota
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Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison

 We  create works in response to the ever-bleakening relationship linking humans, technology, and nature. These works feature an ambiguous narrative that offers insight into the dilemma posed by science and technology’s failed promise to fix our problems, provide explanations, and furnish certainty pertaining to the human condition.  Strange scenes of hybridizing forces, swarming elements, and bleeding overabundance portray Nature unleashed by technology and the human hand.

  At once formally arresting and immeasurably loaded with sensations — this work attempts to provide powerful impact both visually and viscerally.

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everything was spinning
everything was made
of particles of light.

-Christina Conrad

'Arum', by Anne Rush 2008
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David Hammons | “Cold Shoulders” |  1990


David Hammons | “Cold Shoulders” |  1990

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Richard SerraIntervals, 2013 Weatherproof steel, 24 plates 72 x 336 x 570 in.


Richard Serra
Intervals, 2013
Weatherproof steel, 24 plates
72 x 336 x 570 in.

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Other Side, Chiharu Shiota


Carsten Nicolai - Moiré Tape (2010)


To Live On by Min Jeong Seo.

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My Red Homeland, 2003 by Anish Kapoor

this work replicates the role of the artist - in this enormous circular sculpture, a large motorised steel blade slowly cuts a course through 25 tons of red wax, endlessly dissecting and re-shaping it into new forms.

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Alexandra Ranner

"Ranner’s impenetrable interior models radiate an oppressive aura of alienation and isolation, which she heightens by erecting them as free-standing constructions. Consequently, visitors can only view the interiors from the outside – as if they were looking at paintings. The spaces are reminiscent of sets where a scene has just been played out, or is about to begin. This makes for a theatrical feel. But because the interiors are completely devoid of distinguishing personal features, they are also utterly anonymous – much as most hotel rooms are. Through her installations, Ranner exposes a typically modern void: the loneliness resulting from detachment."

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Carroña, 2011
Murano glass, stuffed crows
Installation of variable measurements


El baile del infinito, 2003
2 women dresses in cotton fabric (450 cm. high ea.)
Motorized mechanisms with musical carillons, red sand 
Installation of variable measurements
View of the exhibition: “Javier Pérez”, ARTIUM, Centro-Museo Vasco 
de Arte Contemporáneo Vitoria, Spain 2003